A Belhurst Castle Wedding | Wedding Photography in New Jersey

Belhurst Castle. Geneva, NY.

I know, I know. Every bride wants sunshine on their wedding day. But what happens if its overcast and threatening rain all day. Well, luckily Sara and AJ were troopers and allowed me to do my thing. What resulted is one of my best photos of the year, and an image that Sara and AJ will never forget. It’s something that is extremely unique to them. Something no one else has. And that is always my goal with my couples. Of course there were other awesome photos from their wedding, so take a look.

Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0001Wedding dress at Belhurst CastleBelhurst_Castle_Wedding_0003Brides jewelry on statue in Geneva NYBelhurst_Castle_Wedding_0005Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0006Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0007Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0008Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0009Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0010Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0011Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0012Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0013Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0014Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0015Bride and groom at Belhurst CastleBelhurst_Castle_Wedding_0017Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0018Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0019Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0020Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0021Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0022Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0023Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0024Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0025Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0026Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0027Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0028Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0029Belhurst castle weddingBelhurst_Castle_Wedding_0031Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0032Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0033Wedding pictures at Belhurst CastleBelhurst_Castle_Wedding_0035Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0036Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0037Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0038Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0039Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0040Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0041Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0042Belhurst_Castle_Wedding_0043

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  1. Lill Kenney says:

    Amazing memories. Thank you Tom Harmon!
    I have to disagree with you. I think the dock pic is the picture of the century! You don’t give yourself enough credit! But then I’m partial!
    No, it’s that AWSOME !
    Mother of the Bride
    Lill Kenney

  2. Sara says:

    These are absolutely stunning! I love them all. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work and time/effort. We will treasure these photos :-)

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