A Dibbles Inn Wedding / Maria and Kristjan

When I started out this photography business, I kinda did things a little backwards. Normally a photographer should start out being a second shooter for a more experienced photographer at weddings. When I started out, I jumped head first into wedding photography, being the primary photographer, and luckily, there were no major mishaps. But my friend Kegan Shattuck booked his own wedding in December and I was lucky enough to be his second shooter, a first for me. It was great because I got to sit back and relax while all the pressure was on Kegan :) Anyway, here’s a few images I shot for Maria and Kristjan’s wedding at Dibbles Inn in Vernon NY.

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  1. Geoff says:

    They’re great Tom. I think there is a great opportunity in being a second shooter in that you can take the time to look around and you get those moments from time to time which just cannot be arranged.

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