A Hot Couple in Franklin Square. The Tale of Misty and Brock’s Engagement.

I’ve shot in Franklin Square in Syracuse many times in last few years and I seem to continue to find new ways to photograph there. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the city, with a ton of brick and metal work. And the arbors near the fountain aren’t too shabby either. Even though Misty thought she felt stiff posing in front of the camera, she and Brock both loosened up very quickly and killed this engagement session. And it wasn’t too hard to take a great photo of these two, so they made my job easy. Enjoy their engagement pictures! Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0001Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0003Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0004Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0005Frankiln Square PicturesFrankiln_Square_Engagement_0007Couple and dogFrankiln_Square_Engagement_0009frankiln square engagement photosFrankiln_Square_Engagement_0011Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0012Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0013Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0014Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0015franklin square bridge photosonondaga creek walkFrankiln_Square_Engagement_0018bridges at frankiln squareFrankiln_Square_Engagement_0020Frankiln_Square_Engagement_0021

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