A Nice Quiet Evening For Allyson and Matt’s Bernards Inn Wedding.

A Bernards Inn Wedding. Bernardsville, NJ.

Let me tell you, this might have been one of the simplest and classiest weddings I’ve ever shot. Nothing fancy, just an amazing venue for a wedding and reception. Allyson got ready in one of Bernards Inn’s beautiful suites, then jetted downstairs for her first look with Matt, who was waiting in the lobby. After few minutes of portraits, it was time to tie the knot. With Allyson and Matt’s closest friends and family looking on, they said their vows, exchanged rings, and kissed to make it official. The reception was then held in the wine cellar, where great food, emotional speeches, and killer dance moves reigned. A great wedding with a great couple. Congratulations Allyson and Matt!

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