A Sherwood Inn Wedding | Wedding Photographer in NJ

The Sherwood Inn. Skaneateles, NY.

I’ve photographed a lot in Skaneateles and I continue to try to push myself in getting unique photos for my clients. This was no different and this time, awesome clouds gave me the beautiful backdrop I was looking for. Alex and Jason held their ceremony and reception at Sherwood Inn which conveniently looks over the lake. After their first look, I took them around town and got some seriously great portraits. Ones I hope to see on their wall. The ceremony was held in front of the fountain on the side lawn the reception was held immediately indoors. It was EXTREMELY challenging to shoot their first dance because the setting sun was coming right into the large windows on the dance floor, but I got a little creative and captured some really cool stuff. The rest of the night was a total blast and the evening was capped off with an amazing sparkler send off. Thanks to Erika for shooting with me and congratulations to Alex and Jason!

Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0001Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0002The Sherwood InnSherwood_Inn_wedding_0004Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0005Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0006Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0007Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0008Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0009Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0010Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0011Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0012Skaneateles wedding picturesSkaneateles Lake wedding photoSherwood_Inn_wedding_0015Skaneateles lake weddingSherwood_Inn_wedding_0017Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0018Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0019Wedding photos on Skaneateles LakeSherwood_Inn_wedding_0021Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0022Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0023Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0024Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0025Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0026Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0027Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0028Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0029Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0030Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0031The Sherwood Inn WeddingSherwood_Inn_wedding_0033Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0034Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0035Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0036Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0037Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0038Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0039Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0040Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0041Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0042Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0043Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0044Sherwood_Inn_wedding_0045Sparklers at Sherwood Inn Wedding

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