A Wedding Photographer’s Point of View

So I’ve always had this idea to strap a video camera to my DSLR camera for an entire wedding to show my point of view when I’m shooting a wedding. Well, I finally went out and bought a GoPro Hero 3 (I’m not sure why I waited this long. These things are awesome) and attached it to my speed light with some removable velcro and secured with a rubber band. I know, it’s not the most advanced method to get the GoPro on the camera, but finding room for it that wouldn’t 1.Block any controls or my view, and 2. Block any sensors on the camera, was challenging. So even though it wasn’t those most ideal way, it worked beautifully. I left the GoPro recording for most of the day, only turning it off during down times, or times I wasn’t actively taking photos. I put all the clips together with the resulting images in a short video that I hope gives you a good look at what it’s like to photograph a wedding. Enjoy.



Here is what the GoPro attached to my camera looked like.

gopro for an entire wedding day

GoPro hero 3 attached to a DSLR



And now for the video…

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