Abby and Chris’ Mandana Barn Wedding.

Abby and Chris’ Mandana Barn Wedding.

Mandana Barn Wedding. Skaneateles, NY.

I always love going to my home town of Central New York and Skaneateles is one of the best spots in the area. It’s got a beautiful lake, an intimate shopping area, rolling hills, and amazing wineries. And on a day like we had for Abby and Chris’ Mandana Barn wedding, there’s no place better to get married. We started out the day getting ready in town, before we walked across the street for Abby and Chris’ first look by the lake. After some portraits and an epic drone/sailboat shot, we traveled over to Mandana Barn to start the ceremony. There’s one thing you’ll see in the photos, is that Abby doesn’t hide one single emotion. She lays it all out there and its a beautiful thing. As for Chris, it either takes a swing, or to be hoisted in the air to get his wild side going. After the ceremony ended, it was time for dinner and speeches. As soon as Abby’d dad started crying, I completely lost it, but good thing no one pays attention to the photographer. Right before the reception, the sun was hitting the barn in the perfect location which allowed me to take one of the best photos I have ever shot. But there was no more time for fancy photos, because this crowd was ready to party. The barn was hot, the drinks were cold, the music was epic, and the party was rocking. Everyone had a crazy good time and it was the perfect cap of the evening. Congratulations Abby and Chris and enjoy the photos!


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From the Bride and Groom:

Venue Mandana Barn

I got my dress from: Carine’s Bridal Atelier in Georgetown, DC (designer = Lela Rose)

Shoes designed by: BP (Nordstrom)

The suit(s) was from: Canali (Nordstrom)

Hair by: Arabella Salon (Missy)

Make-up by: Arabella Salon (Mel)

Flowers by: Thea Folls (Folls Flower Farm)

Entertainment by: The Metropolitan Players

Catering by: Pure Catering

Cake by: Patisserie (Skaneateles, NY)

Ceremony performed by: Allison Cleary (bride’s aunt)

What drew you to the venue and what was your favorite detail? Was the bride’s childhood home! Love the simplicity, views, and memories.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding? When the bride’s dad climbed up onto the hay loft to start air drumming along with the band.

What was the most special thing you experienced at your wedding? We hadn’t heard any of the ceremony prior to the big day. Was incredibly special to hear how personalized Abby’s aunt made the ceremony, and was really special to hear one another’s vows.

What was the best piece of advice you got before your wedding? Take a minute during the reception to step away from friends and family and let everything sink in – that everyone is there because they love the two of you and wanted to celebrate with you as you “officially” start your lives together.

How would you describe your wedding day? As the bride’s father said, “the best party he’s been to since college!”

What guest had the most fun at your wedding? Hard to say – we had a lot of folks on the dance floor till the very last moment. Including the bride’s mom!

What was the biggest reason you chose Tom Harmon Photography to capture your big day? His vision and professionalism. We have already gotten a million compliments on the “sneak peek photo” you posted, just solidifying the choice we made in booking you 9 months ago. One of the best decisions we made!!

Tom Harmon