How I Got Started

Some photographers went to school for photography or knew early on that a life of art was their path. I did none of that. I actually always wanted to be a police officer. So I got a degree in criminology from the top criminal justice college in the country and joined the police force a few years later, in an attempt to live out what I thought was my destiny. But I was wrong. I never felt comfortable and I didn’t feel I was particularly good at the job. When I stumbled into photography, things just clicked (sorry for the pun). My mind lit up and I couldn’t get enough. Because of this, I found that what was really important for me was to be creative. And I found that in photography. So I started a business and 13 years later, I haven’t looked back once. I found my happy zone and I’m loving every minute of it.

On A Personal Level

I’m a dad of two girls and a boy. And my fiancĂ© has a daughter, so you could say we’ve got a full boat. We love to hike, craft, go on adventures, camp in our trailer, and watch movies. It’s a busy life but so fulfilling.

Personally, I’m a serial hobbyist. I absolutely love learning new things and my hobbies keep me busy and sane. Everything from 3D printing to drone building to woodworking. I enjoy the challenges of learning a new skill, diving deep, and getting lost in a new topic.

Some of my favorite things

Get to know me a little bit better by taking a look at some of my favorite things.


I love me some pizza. Anything bread related really.


Lately, my favorite movie has been Whiplash.

TV Show

It’s a little old school now, but my friends and I could quote Seinfeld for hours.


My happy place is hiking the Adirondacks with my fiance.


Ain’t nothing like autumn in the Northeast.

Wedding photography in New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.