Adrianna and Krystian’s Mountain Top Inn Wedding Was Graced By Wind, Rain….and a Rainbow.

Mountain Top Inn Wedding. Chittenden, VT.

Back to the mountains of Vermont. I can’t get enough. Even if there is 50mph winds, heavy rain, and the power goes out. It’s just too beautiful. And the people at the Mountain Top Inn have always been incredible, which makes the stay that much better. Adrianna and Krystian brought all of their family and friends, some even from Poland, to celebrate their big day. They rented to cabins across from each other where they prettied themselves up for the day. Because of the weather, we had to do the first look inside of the inn, but it wasn’t any less emotional. But we finally got a break from the rain and got some portraits outside. While we were doing family portraits inside the reception barn, the sun broke through the clouds just long enough to give us an epic rainbow of the mountains and lake below. The wedding gods paid us back right then. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch, including the beautiful ceremony and crazy reception. It was a great night to be with family and friends and everyone had a blast. Enjoy the photos!

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