Alexis and Matt’s Inn at Erlowest Wedding.

Alexis and Matt’s Inn at Erlowest Wedding.

Inn at Erlowest wedding. Lake George, NY.

I don’t think anyone was prepared for the heat. And I’m not just talking about between Alexis and Matt. Their wedding day was literally the hottest day of the year, reaching temperatures in the upper 90’s. But like all champions of life, Alexis and Matt made it through the day without passing out. We started the wedding day in the bridal suite of the beautiful Inn at Erlowest, where Alexis and her crew got ready. After hair and makeup, Alexis got into her gorgeous dress and made her way down to the docks to meet the man of her dreams. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, so she had to settle for Matt. The two had an amazing first look against an unreal backdrop. Then, joined by the rest of the wedding party, we took a boat ride on Lake George to cool off. It was such a unique experience. We returned to the docks in time to start the ceremony and to get Alexis and Matt hitched. Held on the tip of the property overlooking the lake, it was the perfect ceremony, with plenty of laughter, some tears, and Im sure plenty of sweat. After the ceremony, we all made our way back up to the Inn for the party. Alexis and Matt started it off with a choreographed dance, complete with both a lift and a dip. Speeches and parent dances followed, and dinner was served. But then it was on, and Alexis and Matt’s friendly and friends danced the night away, with at least one or two loud and rowdy sing alongs. The night ended with a sparkler exit, which capped off the prefect day and an unforgettable Inn at Erlowest wedding. Congratulations Alexis and Matt, it was an honor to photograph your wedding! Enjoy the photos!


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From the Bride and Groom:

Venue: The Inn at Erlowest

Our wedding planner was: Alexis Coleman & Jonathan Paduano

I got my dress from: Spybaby Bridal

Shoes designed by: Shoes of Prey

The suit(s) was from: Executive Clothing

Hair by: Meg Loveland

Make-up by: Riki Lebied- Syracuse Makeup Artistry

Flowers by: Renaissance Floral Design

Entertainment by: Classy Cat Entertainment. Jonathan Paduano and Sarah Paduano-moth

Catering by: Inn at Erlowest

Cake by: Lake George Baking Company

Ceremony performed by: Jim Vaughn

What drew you to the venue and what was your favorite detail? The mountains in the background of the lake, the intimacy of the Inn. Beautiful and quaint.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding? Our first look, and every guest crying during our ceremony haha

What was the most special thing you experienced at your wedding? Our Vows

What was the best piece of advice you got before your wedding? Take it all in, enjoy the day

How would you describe your wedding day? Perfect, with a hint of sweltering haha

What guest had the most fun at your wedding? JJ Laeng

What was the biggest reason you chose Tom Harmon Photography to capture your big day? 

We knew we’d get the best photos and the best work. We had no doubts about any of our vendors, and we knew we’d get photos that captured every aspect to keep forever. It does fly by but the memories in the photos will help us relive that amazing day!!

Tom Harmon