Amy and Craig’s Skyline Lodge Wedding.

Skyline Lodge Wedding. Fabius, NY.

Although Amy spent her undergrad and graduate college time up at SU, she and Craig didn’t spend much time in the area, especially the outskirts of town, where the Skyline Lodge rests. But they knew they wanted to be married somewhere different, that spoke to both of them, and decided that Skyline Lodge was perfect. And how can you argue, that view is breathtaking. Amy and Craig got ready at a few hotels in the city of Syracuse before making the trip up to the mountains for their ceremony. As the ceremony started, Craig’s daughter Tinsley was not content with just placing the flower pedals down as her duty of being flower girl dictated. No, she wanted to make sure the flowers were spread everywhere, and threw the pedals straight into the air. Very effective. The ceremony on the deck of the lodge was very emotional and you could feel the love Amy and Craig has for each other. After the ceremony, we made good use of the amazing view for our portraits, and when we wanted a little different look, we made our way to a trail head where found a group of horses waiting for us. But the horses quickly dissipated and it was time for the party. Amy and Craig danced the night away with their family and friends until it was time for their sparkler send off. It was a great day full of great memories. Congratulations Amy and Craig and enjoy the photos!


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