An Adirondacks Wedding / Erica and Dan

Aaahhh, the Adirondacks. So beautiful and peaceful. That is, until Erica and Dan came to town. They had a rockin’ wedding, that’s for sure. The Woods Inn in Inlet, NY hosted the event, which was such a beautiful place to have a wedding. The view from the Inn couldn’t be beat, and thanks to Hurricane Irene, the sunset was spectacular. We started our day off at the Woods Inn, then took the short bus (no kidding) to the church where the guys were already waiting. After the ceremony, the bridal party and I (sorry Suzanne and Brian, there wasn’t enough room for you), took a sweet boat ride from the church to the Inn. We even stopped at a little island on the way to get some group shots. It was extremely relaxing. We made it to the Inn without anybody going overboard, and then the party started. But mother nature had the real show. That sky was unbelievable. It certainly was a great day. Thanks Erica and Dan, and congratulations. Let’s get on with it already….


Wedding at Woods Inn in Inlet NYWedding dress in the Adirondacks

Thanks to Brian for being an awesome second shooter and photographing the guys.

the bridal party took the short bus

I got yelled at for not telling you this is Brian’s shot. And one hell of a shot it is too.

wedding party boat ridewedding party on an island

Amazing detail shots from Brian Dyjak.

bride and groom in adirondack chairsan adirondack sunset

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  1. Amanda Phillips says:

    Hello Dan and Erica,

    This is Amazing, what a great photographer you all had!!!!!



  2. You have an amazing quality to the images. Are you a nikon or canon user.
    Great photography.

  3. Erica says:

    Thank you Amanda – he was amazing!! We’re sorry that you couldn’t be there!! Hopefully we’ll see you soon though!!! :)

  4. Cait says:


    These pictures are amazing. We don’t know each other but I’m planning a wedding at The Woods Inn and want to take a pontoon boat with our wedding party as well. Your wedding is exactly what I have been picturing for mine and was hoping to get in touch to gain some insight about the planning. If you wouldn’t mind, I would really appreciate hearing about your experience. My email is and my name is Cait. Our wedding is Labor Day weekend 2013. Thanks in advance! :) And congratulations on your perfect, beautiful wedding and to a happy marriage!

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