An Auburn Alliance Church Wedding and Emerson Park Reception / Auburn Wedding Photographer

I think I’m still sweating after this wedding. It was one hot, messy, party. And what a great time myself and Kegan had, so first off, thank you Danielle and Charlie. We started our day at the salon where Danielle and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup did. Of course, everyone looked gorgeous, especially Danielle. Then Kegan went to where the groom was getting dressed and I followed Danielle and company to her house to get dressed. And for the record, Danielle’s parents are some of the nicest people I have met. It was then time for the ceremony at Auburn Alliance Church, so we got trucked over to the church in the limo bus. The ceremony went off without a hitch and there was minimal crying, by me anyway. After the ceremony, it was party time. First we got some sweet group shots, then Kegan and I got some alone time with the bride and groom. The Emerson Park pavilion was all decorated and ready for some crazy times. Between the music, the heat, and the drinks, there was plenty of crazy. Everything was great, and I think this was the most fun I’ve had shooting a wedding this year. Thanks Danielle and Charlie and Congratulations!

The Details-

  • The dress – from New York Bride
  • The flowers – Patty Foley
  • The cake – Maria Giacona
  • The catering – Balloons Restaurant
  • The limo – JJ Limo
  • The DJ – The Great Music Company

Now the pictures…

the bride getting her hair done in the salon

bride looking at herself in the mirror

bride getting her makeup on

bride getting her makeup on in the salon in Auburn NY

bride's wedding dress hanging in window

the bride's shoes hanging in a tree

the bride's earings and bracelet hanging in a tree

the bride getting dressed

the bride and bridesmaids outside

The bride laughing in the limo

Shots of the groom getting ready by Kegan Shattuck Photography

the groom getting dressed

the groom tying his shoes

the groom and groomsman outside

The groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle

The bride looking at the groom

The wedding at Auburn Alliance Church

The bride crying in the church

the bride seen through the piano

the bride and groom light the unity candle

The bride and groom kissing at the church

The bride and groom being announced

The bridal party jumping outside

Gif of bridal party jumping

the groomsman running towards the camera

the bridesmaids running away from the camera

the bridal party walking up the path at Emerson Park

the bride and groom walking away kissing

the bride and groom kissing near a park swing

the bride and groom on top of a bridge

the bride and groom in the middle of the bridge

bride and groom holding hands on emerson park bridge

groom hugging the bride

the emerson park pavillion

bride and groom walking into the reception

bride and groom dancing

bride and groom slow dancing

the speaches before dinner

the rings on a bench at emerson park

the bride and her father dancing

the groom and his mother dancing

bride and groom's first dance

bride and groom dancing to music by bride

the bouquet and garder toss

the reception from outside

Next two images by Kegan.

groomsman breakdancing

groom and groomsman riding a mop at reception

the guests dancing at the reception at emerson park

Danielle jumped on stage and belted out some Jouney. This girl has some pipes, ladies and gentlemen.

the bride singing journey at the reception

the bride singing

the emerson park pavillion

the bride and groom backlit under the pavillion

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  1. terrie alberti says:

    Hi Tom! You did a great job with Danielle and Charlie’s wedding pics. Love them! I noticed this week after viewing them over and over that there are rainbows in many of your pictures. Genesis 9: 9-17 is the story that God gave the rainbow to show He keeps His promises. After praying all year for the wedding to be wonderful, your pictures proved it was!!! So glad the kids chose you to be a part of our special day. Take care and may God bless you. Terrie (Danielle’s Mom)

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