An Empty Train Station. An Awesome Couple. This is the Engagement of Emily and Pete.

Utica Train Station. Utica, NY.

Even though parts of Utica aren’t as thriving as they use to be, you can still find amazing gems to shoot an engagement session at. On the weekends, the Utica Train Station remains pretty empty which gives me some chances to create incredible images. Emily and Pete were up for anything and I think we got some photos that no one else has. After we shot in the train station, Emily and Pete wanted to head to the camp that they work at in the summer with special needs kids. This camp is where Emily and Pete met, so it’s really special for them.

Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0001Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0002utica train stationengagement at utica train stationUtica_Train_Station_Engagement_0005Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0006Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0007Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0008Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0009Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0010Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0011couple walking throughout he woodsUtica_Train_Station_Engagement_0013Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0014Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0015Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0016Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0017Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0018Utica_Train_Station_Engagement_0019couple at lake

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