Anne Marie and Domenick’s Bourne Mansion Wedding Was Classy. Really Classy.

Bourne Mansion. Oakdale, NY.

The first real nice spring day of the year luckily fell on Anne Marie and Domenick’s wedding day. Flowers on the trees. Sun shining. It was a beautiful day. As usual, we started out with bride and groom getting ready, then we shot off to the church for the ceremony. After a beautiful service, the bridal party trucked it over to the Bourne mansion for some bridal party portraits. Then it was time to take Anne Marie and Domenick by themselves for some unique portraits. Before long, it was time to party and not a moment too soon. Their friends and family wanted to party hard. The whole day was filled with touching moments and awesome dance moves. We had a blast shooting this wedding and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to photograph. Congratulations Anne Marie and Domenick.

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