Anthony and Lambros’ Asbury Park Wedding Out Shined The Supermoon.

Asbury Park Wedding. Asbury Park, NJ.

To be fair to the Supermoon, heavy clouds covered the evening sky most of the night. But still, nobody was looking for it anyway because they were having a blast at Anthony and Lambros’ wedding at the Watermark in Asbury Park. Our day started out walking around the boardwalk area near the beach for some kick ass portraits. After we finished those up, Anthony and Lambros headed to the Watermark were their beautiful ceremony was held before a standing room only crowd. Emotions flowed through the room like a river and there were so many touching moments between Anthony and Lambros, and their parents. But this was a time of celebration, not crying like babies, so they got the party started hard. Anthony and Lambros could definitely feel the love from their family and friends and they couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. It was a great night. Enjoy the photos!

Asbury_Park_Wedding_0001 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0002 gay couple wedding asbury park Asbury_Park_Wedding_0004 asbury park wedding asbury pak wedding Asbury_Park_Wedding_0007 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0008 the watermark wedding Asbury_Park_Wedding_0010 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0011 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0012 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0013 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0014 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0015 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0016 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0017 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0018 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0019 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0020 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0021 the watermark wedding reception Asbury_Park_Wedding_0023 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0024 the watermark wedding Asbury_Park_Wedding_0026 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0027 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0028 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0029 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0030 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0031 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0032 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0033 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0034 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0035 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0036 Asbury_Park_Wedding_0037 asbury park wedding Asbury_Park_Wedding_0039

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