Ashley and Rob’s Clarks Landing Wedding Was Neck-Breaking, Rain-Drenching Good.

Clarks Landing Wedding. Point Pleasant, NJ.

When you see 100% percent chance of rain on the forecast, you know it’s going to rain at some point of the day. But luckily for Ashley and Rob, we got just enough time in between sprinkles to get some pictures outside of the wedding party, along with our portrait session. We also got a chance to get down to the windy beach to capture an epic photo of Ashley’s veil blowing straight up. Then it really began to rain, but it didn’t matter anymore because it was time to party. After the formalities of intros, first dances, speeches and cake cutting, Ashley and Rob’s friends and family tore up the dance floor. Later in the evening, the happy couple were willing to go down to the dock in a torrential downpour to attempt a rain photo, and we all got completely drenched in the process. And maybe there was still a little rain on Rob’s hands when he attempted a handstand front flip on the dance floor and almost broke his neck. But he stayed alive and the evening went on without a hitch. Congratulations Ashley and Rob, enjoy the photos!

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