Briana and Brian’s Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding Had A Little Rain and A Lot Of Laughs.

Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding. Skaneateles, NY.

The threat of rain is a funny thing in weddings. It shows you who freaks out and who remains calm. Luckily I’ve had amazing clients that stay cool and just go with the flow. Briana and Brian are no exception. It didn’t even seem to bother them that the rain held up during most of the portrait session because they knew we could get some great stuff inside the lodge. And when the clouds stopped spitting long enough to take some portraits on the beautiful grounds of the Lodge at Welch Allyn, Briana and Brian rocked the photos. Not one complaint. That’s what makes my job easier. And judging by how many family and friends traveled from all over to attend the wedding, I can see why they couldn’t stop smiling at each other all night. The party got crazier and crazier through out the night and I know Briana and Brian got exactly the day they wanted. It was a wild ride and I was honored to shoot it. Congrats Briana and Brian.

Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0001 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0002 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0003 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0004 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0005 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0006 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0007 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0008 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0009 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0010 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0011 bride at welch ally lodge lodge at welch ally wedding Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0014 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0015 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0016 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0017 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0018 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0019 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0020 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0021 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0022 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0023 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0024 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0025 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0026 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0027 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0028 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0029 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0030 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0031 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0032 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0033 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0034 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0035

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