Carrie and Steve’s Battery Gardens Wedding.

Battery Gardens Wedding. New York, NY.

I’ve been waiting for this wedding for a while. From the minute I met Carrie and Steve, I felt so comfortable with them. Carrie lit up the room and Steve was as cool as an ice cube. And we had so much fun on the engagement session, I knew their Battery Gardens wedding was going to be perfect. We started our day at the W hotel in downtown with incredible views of the Freedom Tower. Carrie and Steve got ready in different rooms and then it was time to head up to the roof for their first look. It was very emotional. After a few epic portraits on the roof, we took the short drive to Battery Gardens for some more portraits and family pictures. But the most important part was about to start. Carie and Steve held their ceremony outside with beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty. It was a public park, so they had quite a few spectators. There was plenty of tears of joy at the ceremony and you could tell that not only were Carrie and Steve in love with each other, everyone was in love with them as a couple. After they tied the knot, Carrie and Steve threw a banging party on the second level of Battery Gardens. There was a lot of love in the room. It was a great cap to the day, filled with amazing speeches and wicked dancing. Congratulations Carrie and Steve!


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