Christina and Mark’s The Manor Wedding Is Nominated for Party of the Year.

The Manor Wedding. West Orange, NJ.

There’s no doubt about it. Christina knows what she wants. And if you get in her way, watch out. So you know this wedding was just as Christina and Mark wanted. And it was an incredibly fun time. We started out at the Residence Inn next to The Manor where Christina and Mark got prettied up. Then they had their first look in the beautiful courtyard of The Manor where later they were to be married. Things couldn’t have went smoother and before you know it, they were saying I do. Although I’m sure it was great getting married, you could tell Christina and Mark just wanted to get to the reception to party with their friends and family. And it was a party full of heritage, emotions, and plenty of dancing. Christina even surprised Mark with his own cigar roller for the night. It was truly a magical night. Congratulations Christina and Mark and enjoy the photos!

The_Manor_Wedding_0001 The_Manor_Wedding_0002 The_Manor_Wedding_0003 The_Manor_Wedding_0004 The_Manor_Wedding_0005 The_Manor_Wedding_0006 The_Manor_Wedding_0007 The_Manor_Wedding_0008 The_Manor_Wedding_0009 The_Manor_Wedding_0010 The_Manor_Wedding_0011 The_Manor_Wedding_0012 The_Manor_Wedding_0013 The_Manor_Wedding_0014 The_Manor_Wedding_0015 The_Manor_Wedding_0016 The_Manor_Wedding_0017 The_Manor_Wedding_0018 the manor wedding bride at the manor The_Manor_Wedding_0021 The_Manor_Wedding_0022 The_Manor_Wedding_0023 The_Manor_Wedding_0024 The_Manor_Wedding_0025 The_Manor_Wedding_0026 The_Manor_Wedding_0027 The_Manor_Wedding_0028 the manor wedding ceremony The_Manor_Wedding_0030 The_Manor_Wedding_0031 The_Manor_Wedding_0032 The_Manor_Wedding_0033 the manor wedding first dance the manor wedding father daughter dance The_Manor_Wedding_0036 The_Manor_Wedding_0037 The_Manor_Wedding_0038 The_Manor_Wedding_0039 The_Manor_Wedding_0040 The_Manor_Wedding_0041 The_Manor_Wedding_0042 The_Manor_Wedding_0043 The_Manor_Wedding_0044 The_Manor_Wedding_0045 The_Manor_Wedding_0046 The_Manor_Wedding_0047 The_Manor_Wedding_0048 The_Manor_Wedding_0049 The_Manor_Wedding_0050 The_Manor_Wedding_0051 The_Manor_Wedding_0052

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