Christina and Michael’s Westmount Country Club Wedding Floated On Clouds.

Westmount Country Club Wedding. Woodland Park, NJ.

Christina and Michael are in the sanitation business, wink wink. No really. They own a dumpster company together. And to be able to work with your spouse, you’ve got to have an extra special relationship. It was obvious from the minute I saw them, there is definitely something special between them. Which is why I knew this wedding was going to be killer. I started out the day with Christina at her parents house for some getting ready activities and then Michael met us there for the first look and portraits. We caught the sun at just the right time in the afternoon and got some amazingly colorful images. The whole crew then traveled down the road to the church where plenty of tears of joy were shed, mostly by Christina’s sister and maid of honor Gina. But they knew that the amazing cocktail spread at the Westmount Country Club was waiting, so Christina and Michael wasted no time getting to their reception. And what a spectacular first dance. It was like something out of a fairy tale, dancing on the clouds. But eventually the clouds dispersed, the music was turned up and the party was on. Arms, legs, and dollar bills were all flying that night and you could tell everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A great night. Enjoy the pictures!

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