Christina and Marc’s Westmount Country Club Wedding.

Westmount Country Club Wedding. Woodland Park, NJ.

And for forty days, and for forty nights, it rained. OK, it wasn’t that much, but it felt like it. In over 200 weddings, I’ve never seen this much rain in one day. It NEVER stopped once. And I have to give all the credit in the world to Christina and Marc. Not once did they complain about the weather and they had a smile on their face the entire day. They were complete champions. Their story is as unique as the day they got married as well. You see, Christina and Marc have been next door neighbors since they were kids. And when I say next door, they literally share walls. Christina told me they use to knock to each other on the wall that connected their two bedrooms. Like a love code or something. It was really cool to see where their love all began. The day started out at the houses as Christina and Marc got ready, then it was off to the church. There’s one image in here that I love taken by my second photographer Amanda. It’s of a fearless Christina and her dad arriving at the church within a monsoon and they have nothing but huge smiles on their faces. It couldn’t represent the day more perfectly. After the two tied the knot, we stopped off at the Van Vleck Gardens for some epic portraits. Then it was off to the party at the beautiful Westmount Country Club. Christina and Marc had some talented friends as evident by all the sweet dance moves. Even Christina’s dad was rocking the twist. It was an amazing night capping off a very wet, but very touching day. Congratulations Christina and Marc and enjoy the photos!


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