Christina and Phil’s Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding.

Christina and Phil’s Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding.

Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding. Red Bank, NJ.

Talking to Christina leading up to the wedding, you could tell she was nervous about the weather. The forecast had rain most of the day in the Red Bank area and she wasn’t sure if her Molly Pitcher Inn wedding would be as she dreamed. But the weather gods shined upon her and not only did it not rain at all, it turned out to be a absolutely beautiful day. Christina got all dolled up at her parents house before she traveled over to the church to meet Phil for their ceremony. This ceremony had it all: manually played church bells, a singing service, crowns above the couples heads. It was incredible to watch and be a part of. After Christina and Phil tied the knot, we trucked it over to Red Bank for some portraits of the happy couple and their wedding party. Before long, we were ready to go to the Molly Pitcher Inn for their reception. Th party was amazing and it was so great to see all of Christina and Phil’s loved ones celebrate them as a couple. The speeches were emotional, the dinner was delicious, and the dancing was on point. It was an awesome time and I can’t congratulate Christina and Phil any more. Enjoy the photos!


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From the bride and groom:

Venue – Molly Pitcher Inn

Our wedding planner was: Tracy Holler

I got my dress from: Kleinfeld Bridal – Designer Augusta Jones

The suit(s) was from: Suit Supply

Hair by: Ashley Wagner

Make-up by: Make Me Up Eva (artist Jamie)

Flowers by: Narcissus Florals

Entertainment by: Daddy Pop Band

Catering by: Molly Pitcher Inn

Cake by: Ye Olde Pie Shoppe

Ceremony performed by: Father Gary Breton and Father David Vernak at the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Brick NJ

What drew you to the venue and what was your favorite detail?

We loved the warm romantic ballroom with lots of crystal chandeliers

What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

Seeing each other for the first time!

What was the most special thing you experienced at your wedding?

Seeing everyone we love be so happy in the same place – and be so happy for us!

What was the best piece of advice you got before your wedding?

“Pick a point in the night where you are surrounded by everyone you love – and remember that moment”

How would you describe your wedding day?

A dream.

What guest had the most fun at your wedding?

The father of the bride aka Dancing King

What was the biggest reason you chose Tom Harmon Photography to capture your big day?

Tom’s photos pop out of my newsfeed! They are so bold and unique and they make you want to keep looking at them

Tom Harmon