Cindy and Tom’s Stone House at Sterling Ridge Wedding.

Stone House at Sterling Ridge Wedding. Warren, NJ.

First thing I have to say is that the Polish and Italians know how to party. And when they get together, it’s pandemonium. This was such a fun wedding and reception at the Stone House at Sterling Ridge. The venue itself is gorgeous with so much mixture of wood and metal that I like. They truly did a beautiful job here. But before we got to the party, Cindy and Tom had to start the day in Morristown getting ready for their first look. You could tell Tom was blown away at how beautiful Cindy looked and the two definitely share a unique connection. After a few portraits and wedding party photos. it was off to the Stone House for the ceremony. The vows were read, the knot was tied, and Cindy and Tom were finally husband and wife. At their exit, they were showered with gold confetti, some of which I’m sure Tom ingested. It was an awesome scene, but I’m just glad I wasn’t the one cleaning it up. After cocktail hour, it was time for the reception. During Cindy and Tom’s first dance, they surprised everyone when they broke out into a choreographed dance off. The parent dances were pretty emotional, but the amazing speeches that followed lightened the mood again. After dinner, everyone was ready to dance the night away. It was a great evening. Congratulations Cindy and Tom!


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