Cooper / Syracuse Childrens Photographer

What’s up? This is Cooper. He’s obsessed with trains and construction vehicles. And he’ll make you smile just by looking at him. Oh yeah, and Coop-a-loop is turning 2 in a few days, so his mom wanted to get some recent portraits done. So that’s exactly what we did.


child in a crib with his name in letterschild playing with his cranechild looking into the distanceChild with funny face looking at the camerachild looking up at cameraboy running in a field


He was a little worried that the train was not coming back. Haha.boy worried that he missed the trainboy sitting alone on a benchboy sitting under a treeboy playing in a fire truckboy by brick wallboy's elmo shoesboy looking at his motherboy about to go downt the slideboy on see-sawboy smiling in the sun

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  1. Really nice set of images , I love the black & white, thanks for sharing.


  2. SO cute baby and beautiful. I really loved this post. Great set of beautiful baby’s images. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous post with us.

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