Dana and Tom’s Maritime Parc Wedding.

Maritime Parc Wedding. Jersey City, NJ.

It was the party of the year with he best band around. But I’m jumping ahead, and we’ll get to that part. First, I had to meet up with Dana and Tom at the Jersey City Westin to capture some prep shots. After Dana and Tom were done getting all dolled up, it was off to the church for an inspiring ceremony. You could instantly see the love Dana and Tom have for each other and their family and friends couldn’t be happier for them. After the I-Do’s, Dana and Tom bussed their wedding party of to Liberty State Park for a few shots where everyone in the party braved the cold. The women won that round though as they weren’t toasty warm in suit jackets like the guys. Pure troopers. But they were done soon enough and we got a chance to take some epic twilight portraits of Dana and Tom with the best backdrop in the world. But we had to get back because the band was setting up and the party was about to start. Ive seen a lot of weddings and a lot of bands, but these guys were the absolute best. Their talent had the place rocking all night long. We even were able to get an insane group hug photo. I had such a blast and you can tell from these photos that the guests did too. Congratulations to Dana and Tom and enjoy the photos!


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