Deanna and Anthony’s Bourne Mansion Wedding

Bourne Mansion Wedding. Oakdale, NY.

There was not one complaint about this crew. Sure, the whole wedding party was as good looking as any one I’ve seen, but that’s not what stood out. They all surprised me with how welcoming, and nice, and thoughtful they were throughout the day. Deanna and Anthony have some very special family and friends, and I know the two of them count themselves lucky to be surrounded by such love. Deanna and Anthony both got ready in the early afternoon before it was time to head to the church for their nuptials. Like a true man, Anthony even allowed himself to get emotional when he saw his beautiful bride that day. The whole ceremony was very special filled with laughter and tears. After the ceremony and the balloon send off, the entire party made its way to the Bourne Mansion¬†wedding venue¬†for the big party. Guests were greeted with an amazing cocktail hour with delicious food and drinks. In the ballroom, everyone stood on their feet to welcome the new couple into the reception. Dances, speeches, and cake cutting were all on the schedule, but the dance party took over once the formalities were done. It was awesome to watch Deanna and Anthony have such a good time with everyone they love. It was a successful day for a successful couple. Congratulations Deanna and Anthony and enjoy the photos!


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