A Dibbles Inn Wedding and Reception | Syracuse Wedding Photographer

The awesome Dibbles Inn in Verona NY renovated just in time for Krista and Justin to get in there and blow that place up. It looked beautiful in there and all their hard worked really showed off. Krista and Justin did a lot of DIY decorations, which couldn’t have come out better. This was one of the best looking receptions I’ve seen yet. Krista and Justin were such a blast to work with and their family and friends were great. The ceremony took place outside and thankfully the rain held off. I’m pretty sure that Krista went through a box of tissues that day. The reception was amazing with the highlight being Justin’s speech. That guy has a knack for saying the right words. The damcing was out of control at times, which is exactly how I like it. All in all, a great day. Congratulations Krista and Justin.

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