Emily and Peter’s Hayloft on the Arch Wedding Was Like Being At Summer Camp.

Hayloft on the Arch Wedding. Verona, NY.

It’s true. Emily and Peter met in summer camp and fell in love. They were counsellors and from what I’ve heard, it was quite obvious these two were going to get married as soon as they met. We even shot their engagement session at the summer camp they work at every summer. Yeah, it means a lot to them. So it was cool to see many of the people they worked with at the camp at the wedding. The first thing they witnessed was Emily and Peter saying I Do at the church, before it was time to head over to the rustic Hayloft on the Arch for the reception. A few emotional moments were quickly transformed into a fun party where a few Irish dances took center stage. This was such a fun group and it was evident that everyone had a blast. Congratulations Emily and Peter!

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