Erica and Dan’s Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding Was A Sign From God. Or Beer.

Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding. Auburn, NY.

I’m a little cryptic with my blog titles this week, but maybe you’ll see what I mean by looking at the photos. Erica and Dan both started out their day getting ready at the Holiday Inn and I could have just got home because Erica and the girls broke out the selfie stick. After the girls got all dolled up and obviously looking better than the boys, they all headed over to the church to get those two crazy kids hitched. Of course the ceremony went smoothly and Erica and Dan were official. After a stop at the local bar for a drink, we all went right to the Emerson Park Pavilion for our portrait session where Erica and Dan got a one of kind photo on the pier with a special guest appearance by a party boat. But that had to come to an end because it was clearly close to party time. Some crazy entrances, touching dances, and beautiful speeches touched off an incredible night. There even was a surprise Irish dance that Erica naturally had to join in on. It was a great night and I can’t congratulate Erica and Dan enough. Enjoy the show!

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