Go Down Under with Anne and Kieran’s NYC Musket Room Wedding.

The Musket Room Wedding. New York, NY.

G’day mate. Men at Work. Fighting kangaroos. All of these things were not mentioned to Anne and Kieran because that would be cheesy. But those things are the extent of my knowledge of Australia. Anne and Kieran are both from Sydney and somehow found each other here in good ol’ NYC. The obviously fell in love, but from what I heard from the speeches, Anne gave Kieran the run around for quite a while. But a man in love does not give up and he finally convinced Anne that she was in love with him too. Fast forward to the present and the brought all their friends and family from Australia to the states to celebrate their wedding. They held their ceremony at the Tudor City Park, and the 14 year old they found in central park played the cello like a champ as Anne walked down the aisle. After the I do’s, we called for an Uber car, got stuck in traffic, decided to take the subway instead and walked around downtown Manhattan. I truly had a great time walking around with these two. But then Anne and Kieran had to get to their reception at the Musket Room where everyone was waiting to party. Some incredible speeches by both their friends and Kieran himself kicked off a great night of amazing duck for dinner and some slick moves on the dance floor. It was a pure NYC/Australian wedding, and if you don’t know what that is, just take a look at the photos. Enjoy!

Musket_Room_Wedding_0001 Musket_Room_Wedding_0002 Musket_Room_Wedding_0004 Musket_Room_Wedding_0005 Musket_Room_Wedding_0006 Musket_Room_Wedding_0007 Musket_Room_Wedding_0008 Musket_Room_Wedding_0009 Musket_Room_Wedding_0010 Musket_Room_Wedding_0011 Musket_Room_Wedding_0012 Musket_Room_Wedding_0013 Musket_Room_Wedding_0014 Musket_Room_Wedding_0015 tudor city wedding chrysler building wedding Musket_Room_Wedding_0018 nyc subway wedding wedding couple new york city Musket_Room_Wedding_0021 Musket_Room_Wedding_0022 Musket_Room_Wedding_0023 Musket_Room_Wedding_0024 Musket_Room_Wedding_0025 Musket_Room_Wedding_0026 Musket_Room_Wedding_0027 Musket_Room_Wedding_0028 Musket_Room_Wedding_0029 Musket_Room_Wedding_0030 Musket_Room_Wedding_0031 Musket_Room_Wedding_0032 Musket_Room_Wedding_0033 Musket_Room_Wedding_0034 Musket_Room_Wedding_0035 Musket_Room_Wedding_0036 musket room wedding Musket_Room_Wedding_0038 Musket_Room_Wedding_0039 Musket_Room_Wedding_0040 Musket_Room_Wedding_0041 Musket_Room_Wedding_0042 wedding at the musket room Musket_Room_Wedding_0044 Musket_Room_Wedding_0045 Musket_Room_Wedding_0046 Musket_Room_Wedding_0047 Musket_Room_Wedding_0048 Musket_Room_Wedding_0049 Musket_Room_Wedding_0050 Musket_Room_Wedding_0051 Musket_Room_Wedding_0052 Musket_Room_Wedding_0053

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