Heather and Amber’s Historic Penn Farm Wedding Was Straight Fire. Because It Was Hot.

Historic Penn Farm Wedding. New Castle, DE.

I’m 10 pounds lighter after shooting Heather and Amber’s Historic Penn Farm wedding. Not only was it 95 degrees with plenty of humidity, there was so much going on I was trying to run around and capture it all. Heather and Amber started out across the hall from each other at the Sheraton Hotel, getting all prettied up and ready for their first look. And once we got to the farm, the looks on their faces said it all when they got to see each other for the first time. After their emotional first look, we took a tour of the property and got some great portraits of just the two of them. But all of the guests were arriving so it was time to get the ceremony started, only there was one problem. The officiant got into a car accident and was running late. So some quick thinking switched the cocktail hour and the ceremony, and before long the officiant got there and they started the ceremony. It was amazing to see Heather and Amber surrounded by so much love. The ceremony ended and after a few more family photos while the rest of guests mingled, it was time to start the party. Heather and Amber came in like a tornado and the party only stopped long enough for to get some amazing sunset sunflower images. The heat didn’t even seem to affect anyone and all had a great time. A few hiccups couldn’t stop this train. Congratulations Heather and Amber!


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