Holly and Andrew’s Estate at Farrington Lake Wedding.

Estate at Farrington Lake Wedding. East Brunswick, NJ.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for Holly and Andrew’s Estate at Farrington Lake¬†wedding. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot, and their friends and family were certainly ready to celebrate these two. But first they had to get prettied up in their dresses and suits in a near by hotel. Once they were looking their best. Holly and Andrew made their way to the Estate for their first look. Once they saw each other, we walked around the beautiful grounds capturing some amazing portraits. I could have stayed there all day getting portraits of the beautiful couple, but they wanted to show off their bridesmaids and groomsmen too. After all the wedding party and family photos were done, it was time for Holly and Andrew to tie the knot. The ceremony was gorgeous under the arbor and even though some dirt was spilled, Holly and Andrew made it official. The food was delicious at cocktail hour and the reception was about to start. Holly and Andrew bursted into their introduction and right into their first dance. The evening held the usual speeches, cake cutting, and dancing and at the end of the night, Holly and Andrew releases lanterns into the lake that held blessings from their friends and family, It was a great cap to an amazing day. Congratulations Holly and Andrew!


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