I Was The Witness For Pinar and Andrei’s NYC City Hall Elopement.

City Hall. New York City, NY.

When Pinar and Andrei booked their wedding with me, and I found out the wedding was an elopement on St. Patricks Day, I got really excited. I’ve never shot an elopement before, and I knew we were going to make some special images. I just didn’t know how special they would be. Because of Pinar and Andrei are always traveling, and because their families are not local, Pinar’s family living in Turkey and Andrei’s family living in Cleveland, they decided to just schedule a day to head down to City Hall and tie the knot. So they figured to make it March 17th, and until they spoke with me, didn’t realize it was St. Patricks Day. I arrived at their amazing apartment overlooking the Empire State Building and came up with the idea to live instagram some images from the day, which ended up being very important because it let Pinar’s family in Turkey follow along. They would get so excited every time I posted a new photo. I knew then that these images would be priceless to Pinar, Andrei, and their families. So after Pinar and Andrei got ready, we took a cab to City Hall where they got hitched. We then headed to a few cool places around the city to take some unique portraits. We also headed to an Irish pub to get a drink or two and to dance around with the crazy St. Patty’s Day people. Then as the sunset, we headed to up the lounge at Pinar and Andrei’s apartment and took some spectacular images for the city skyline. I was so blessed to be a big part of this wedding and it means a lot to me that Pinar and Andrei trusted me to be the official witness to their wedding, and capture the beautiful day. Congratulations Pinar and Andrei!

wedding couple subway nyc NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0002 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0003 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0004 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0005 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0006 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0007 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0008 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0010 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0011 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0012 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0013 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0015 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0016 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0017 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0018 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0019 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0020 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0021 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0022 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0023 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0024 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0025 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0026 bride groom hailing cab NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0028 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0029 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0030 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0031 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0032 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0033 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0034 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0035 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0036 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0037 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0038 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0039 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0040 wedding nyc city hall NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0042 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0043 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0044 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0045 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0046 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0047 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0048 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0049 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0050 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0051 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0052 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0053 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0054 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0055 midtown nyc wedding NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0057 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0058 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0059 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0060 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0061 wedding freedom tower NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0063 empire state building wedding wedding couple downtown nyc NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0066 NYC_City_Hall_Wedding_0067

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