Janelle and Kyle’s Turning Stone Wedding Had Fireworks and Plenty of Luck.

Turning Stone Wedding. Verona, NY.

I’ve known Janelle for a long time, as she was my sister’s best friend in high school. So I know full well how goofy this wedding was going to be. Thank god Kyle can put up with it all. That’s the test that he and Janelle will be very happy for a long time. The day started at the Turning Stone Resort Casino where both Janelle and Kyle got prettied up. I also made everyone nervous by hanging the dress off the side of the third floor over the casino. But it looked spectacular and judging by what was going to happen later at the reception, I was right in line with that stunt. The ceremony was held on the back lawn of the Shenendoah Lodge and there couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting. After the ceremony, the bridal party and I put on a show for the guests as we attempted a creative drone portrait. Then it was on to the party. A choreographed dance by the newlyweds blew everyone away. After a little bit of dancing, it was time to cut the cake, and upon completion of this tradition, the sky blew up with tremendous color. It was the 4th of July after all, so Janelle and Kyle surprised their guests with an amazing fireworks show. It was a great cap to the day and sealed the deal on the wedding of Janelle and Kyle. Enjoy the photos.

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