Jenn and Andrew’s Tarrytown House Estate Wedding Was Unseasonably Warm.

Tarrytown House Estate Wedding. Tarrytown, NY.

As I write this, it’s 19 degrees out and I look out my window to see snow. Let’s all go back to mid December when it was a balmy 60 degrees. Jenn and Andrew got lucky and El Nino graced them with amazing weather for their Tarrytown House Estate wedding. Jenn didn’t even need sleeves. The crazy couple got ready in the Biddle Mansion and then we headed out to the courtyard for their first look. I was a little worried as we were doing our portrait session because I knew Andrew really wanted a sunset photo, but the clouds had other plans at the moment. But after we got finished with the family photos, the sky opened up just enough to give him an awesome sunset off the back of the patio. But we couldn’t stare too long because it was time to officially tie the knot and party hardy. After some extremely emotional speeches and dances, the party was on, led by one of the best bands I have ever heard at a wedding. The place was rocking. I had such a great time and it was obvious I wasn’t the only one. Enjoy the photos!

tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0001 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0002 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0003 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0004 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0005 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0006 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0007 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0008 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0009 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0010 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0011 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0012 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0013 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0014 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0015 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0016 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0017 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0018 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0020 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0021 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0022 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0023 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0024 tarrytown house estate tarrytown house estate wedding tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0027 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0028 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0029 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0030 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0031 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0032 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0034 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0036 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0037 tarrytown estate house wedding tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0039 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0040 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0041 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0043 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0044 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0045 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0046 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0047 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0048 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0049 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0050 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0051 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0052 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0053 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0054 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0055 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0056 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0057 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0058 tarrytown_house_estate_wedding_0059 wedding tarrytown house estate

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