Jennifer and Michael’s Waterside Restaurant Wedding Was On The Side Of Water…Duh

A Waterside Restaurant Wedding. North Bergen, NJ.

The threat of rain always scares a bride. They fear that it will ruin their entire day and the photos are going to be horrible. What they don’t always realize is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is because when there is love, we all win. But I think Jennifer was so determined to have sun on her wedding day, she willed the clouds away herself, because just in time for the ceremony, the sky cleared up real nice. And what a beautiful setting for a ceremony, right on the water with the NYC skyline as a backdrop. You couldn’t have asked for anything better. And of course after the ceremony, Jennifer and Michael’s friends and family showed them how much they loved them with some amazing speeches and a whole lot of dancing. The weather turned out to be great, but the wedding turned out better. Congratulations to Jennifer and Michael and enjoy the photos!

Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0001 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0002 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0003 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0004 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0005 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0006 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0007 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0008 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0009 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0010 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0011 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0012 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0013 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0014 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0015 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0016 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0017 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0018 waterside restaurant wedding Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0021 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0022 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0023 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0024 waterside restaurant wedding ceremony Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0026 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0027 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0028 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0029 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0030 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0031 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0032 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0033 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0034 waterside restaurant reception Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0036 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0037 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0038 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0039 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0040 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0041 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0042 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0043 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0044 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0045 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0046 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0047 Waterside_Restaurant_Wedding_0048 wedding at waterside restaurant

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