Jessica and John’s The Addison Park Wedding Would Make Meatloaf Proud.

The Addison Park Wedding. Keyport, NJ.

I know, that title doesn’t make much sense right now, but it will in a second. The day started out at Jessica and John’s house where Jessica was getting ready with her parents and bridesmaids. There were also more kids running around than a daycare center, each kid cuter than the next. After Jessica put on her dress and got the thumbs up from her dad, they were off to the church where John got to see his bride for the first time. Jessica and John tied the knot and upon exit from the church, got a bubble shower from the kids’ bubble guns. We then jetted off to The Addison Park where we got some amazing light for ¬†our portrait session. But Jessica and John wanted to go party with their guests so we got them back to the ballroom. There were some of the most creative bridal party entrances I’ve ever seen and some of the most fun dancing. When the guys and girls went to separate parts of the dance floor, the DJ played Meatloaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” and John took over with his beautiful singing straight into the microphone. I’m not sure Jessica knew what to think, but it was fun either way. The night ended with a incredible cherries jubilee fire display and desert. An amazing night had by all for sure. Congratulations Jessica and John!

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