Julia and Tyler’s Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding.

Julia and Tyler’s Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding.

The Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding. Skaneateles, NY.

Usually in early October, you don’t have to worry about the threat of rain too much. But this year was different and the closer it got to Julia and Tyler’s Lodge at Welch Allyn wedding, it looked like rain was going to join us. But as it turned out, the rain completely held off and the sun actually made an appearance in the evening and gave us an amazing sunset. Julia started the day getting ready with the ladies at the lodge. As Julia was getting ready, the staff was busy getting the Lodge ready, and the place looked beautiful as ever. After Julia got into her dress, she walked down stairs to meet Tyler for their first look. We then walked around the gorgeous property for their portrait session before it was their friends and family turn. After all the pre-ceremony photos were finished, it was time to get these two married. The ceremony was held in front of the large window that the Lodge is famous for. It was a touching ceremony and you could certainly feel the love in the room. But the ceremony came to an end, Julia and Tyler were official, and they were ready to party. Next came the announcements, first dance, speeches, and dinner, before the dance floor was open and everyone was rocking. It was a great cap to a perfect day. Congratulations Julia and Tyler and enjoy the photos!


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From the bride and groom:

 Our wedding planner was: Joelle Eddy

I got my dress from: Spybaby

The suit(s) was from: Men’s warehouse

Hair by: Bridal Biz Beauty

Make-up by: Bridal Biz Beauty

Flowers by: Backyard garden

Entertainment by: Visa versa entertainment

Cake by: Biscotti’s

Ceremony performed by: Christopher Mislan

What drew you to the venue and what was your favorite detail?

The rustic elegance of the lodge and how beauty the scenery was in the fall. We loved the lighting and the fireplace

What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

That everyone was dancing the whole night with us

What was the best piece of advice you got before your wedding?

To take a moment and sit back and watch everyone celebrating us. Embrace the day and realize how fast it will go.

How would you describe your wedding day?


What guest had the most fun at your wedding?

Everyone! There wasn’t a time when people weren’t dancing

What was the biggest reason you chose Tom Harmon Photography to capture your big day?

His creative photography and how he captures the day.

Tom Harmon