Julie and Matt’s Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding.

Emerson Park Pavilion Wedding. Auburn, NY.

Matt being my cousin, Julie has known about and has followed my work for quite some time now. So I was excited and honored when they asked me to shoot their wedding for them. I also knew it was going to be a blast to see my family and relatives having a great time and celebrating Julie and Matt’s love. I started out with Julie at a nearby hotel while she got dolled up and into her dress, and then it was off to their Emerson Park Pavilion wedding for her first look with Matt. It was a special moment and you could tell Matt was so excited to see his bride. The ceremony was held by the fountain outside and they couldn’t have had a better day. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. A rarity in upstate NY. Having tied the knot, Julie, Matt, and I completed a few more portraits during golden hour, then it was off to their reception. Their first dance was sweet, and the parent dances were very touching. A lot of emotion was running through the room. The matron of honor and best man speeches were hilarious and left everybody ROFL. <—-That’s millennial talk. The DJ was cranking the tunes and everybody partied the night away. It was an incredible wedding and everyone had such ¬†great time. Congratulations Julie and Matt and enjoy the photos!


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