Kat and Ryan’s Rock Island Lake Club Wedding Dealt Us A Case Of The Shivers.

Rock Island Lake Club Wedding. Sparta, NJ.

Let’s just admit that the weather this year has been crazy. We had 65 degree temperatures all winter and then when April rolls around, it gets cold. Well, Kat and Ryan’s wedding at Rock Island Lake Club was one of the coldest days of the month, but at least it was sunny. But Kat and Ryan were real troopers. They let me drag them out onto the rock island for some awesome portraits. Plus they made their entire wedding party go out on the boat, so they definitely couldn’t wuss out. The day started with he usual getting ready and then transitioned into a beautiful and heart felt ceremony. But the real party was just around the corner and there may have been a breathalyzer or two administered. I’m not going to say what the number was, but let me tell you, it was impressive. After the first dances and speeches, the party began and everyone had a blast. The cold couldn’t keep Kat and Ryan down and it was obvious they had the best time out of anyone. Congrats to Kat and Ryan and enjoy the photos!

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