Kate and Colin’s Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding Didn’t Leaf Anyone Without A Full Heart.

The Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding. Skaneateles, NY.

Get it? It’s an autumn joke. Maybe I’ve been hanging around my kids too much, who knows. Anyway, Kate and Colin got an incredibly beautiful day for the fall wedding and the color of the leaves were outstanding. After getting their traditional North American wedding garb on, Kate and Colin met in the Thorden Park rose garden to see each other for the first time. It was an awesome area to shoot some portraits, so we did just that, getting some really bold pictures where the trees provided the color pop I was looking for. After our portrait session, it was time to tie the knot and we all trucked it over to the church for a touching ceremony. Before you knew it, Kate and Colin said their I Do’s and they were out the door on their way to the lodge for their reception. Luckily the DJ had his amazing lighting setup to provide the color now and let the leaves take a rest. And it must be Irish dancing season because this was the second wedding in a month where the bride knew how to Irish dance, It was quite the show from Kate and her family and friends. Colin must have hurt his ankle because he did not participate in the Irish dancing. Even though, you could tell everyone had a great time. Enjoy the photos!

Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0001 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0002 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0004 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0005 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0006 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0007 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0008 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0009 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0010 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0011 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0012 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0013 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0014 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0015 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0016 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0017 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0018 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0019 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0020 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0021 wedding at lodge at welch allyn Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0023 lodge at welch allyn wedding Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0025 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0026 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0028 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0029 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0030 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0031 lodge welch allyn reception Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0033 lodge at welch allyn wedding Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0035 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0036 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0037 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0038 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0039 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0040 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0041 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0042 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0043 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0044 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0045 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0046 Lodge_at_Welch_Allyn_Wedding_0047

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