Kate and Chris’s Maritime Parc Wedding Was Heaven Sent.

Maritime Parc Wedding. Jersey City, NJ.

I know Kate and Chris had been working hard lately, and every time I talked to them the week leading up to the wedding, I could tell they were extremely excited to get hitched and party hard with their family and friends. The morning of the wedding came and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It wasn’t too hot and we had plenty of sun and cool clouds that came rolling in. Kate and her bridesmaids got ready at her favorite salon while Chris and the guys put on their tuxes at Kate and Chris’s apartment in Hoboken. After they were looking like superstars, we all met up at the little church where the ceremony was fun and touching. Before the party could get started, we had to go to Liberty State Park next to Maritime Parc to get some wedding party shots and some epic portraits of the two of them. I was very excited to see the results of our portrait session and Kate and Chris knocked it out of the park. But I could only keep them for so long before it was time for the reception. Beautiful and funny speeches followed a wonderful first dance, which led into an amazing night of dancing led by an incredibly talented band. The day came and went without any problems whatsoever and everybody had an amazing time. Congratulations Kate and Chris and enjoy the photos!

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