Kate and Matt’s Montclair Golf Club Wedding.

Montclair Golf Club Wedding. West Orange, NJ.

Falling on a day where the colors of the leaves were hitting their prime, Kate and Matt’s Montclair Golf Club wedding was one of the most colorful weddings of the year. Especially as the sun set over the golf course, the leaves really shined something fierce. But before we got to that part of the day, Kate and Matt had to start their day getting ready and heading to the church. The touching ceremony was beautiful lifted by the comedic stylings of the priest. Kate and Matt’s family and friends were clearly excited that they finally tied the knot and couldn’t wait to party with them at the Montclair Golf Club, which was decorated beautifully. Kate’s dance with her father brought tears to everyones eyes and the best man and matron of honor speeches got everyone roaring with laughter. But that was just the start of the party and Kate and Matt had some friends with some pretty sweet dance moves they were itching to show off. It was a perfect day and Kate and Matt couldn’t have been happier with celebrating with the people they love the most. Enjoy the photos!


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