Kathryn and Roopak’s Ritz Carlton Wedding.

Ritz Carlton Wedding. White Plains, NY.

Well, this one was a real doozy. Spanning two nights in two locations, Kathryn and Roopak’s Ritz Carlton wedding rocked the socks off everyone. The first night, they held their sangeet, which honestly, I should have sold tickets to. Kathryn and Roopak have such an amazing set of talented family and friends. Kathryn started the night off with an amazing dance, followed by unbelievable singers, including the one and only Roopak, who brought the house to tears. The whole night was like a Broadway show. I’ve never seen anything like it. The next day, we all woke up early and headed to NJ where Roopak and his family began the festivities with the Barat. Dancing their way through the streets, they all eventually met up with Kathryn’s family to start a beautiful mixed religious ceremony. Harmony and unity. The ceremony was very touching and before we knew it, Kathryn and Roopak finally tied the knot. But all that mushy lovey-dovey stuff was coming to an end, because it was party time. We all traveled back to the Ritz Carlton in White Plains, NY and danced our faces off. Throw in a few special dances, some hilarious speeches, a lot more love, and you had yourself an incredible evening. It was an exhausting two days, but an experience that will stay with me forever. Congratulations Kathryn and Roopak and enjoy the photos!


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