Kathy and Rob Brought A Jersey Shore Party To Their Venetian Wedding.

The Venetian. Garfield, NJ.

I knew Kathy and Rob liked to head to the shore a lot and hit up Djais. But I wasn’t aware how bad their sickness really was. They damn near packed up Djais and brought it to their wedding, along with their crazy party animal friends and family. But before guests and groomsmen could randomly pick each other up and throw them around the dance floor, Kathy and Rob had to get married in the beautiful St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ. Like the architecture, the ceremony was amazing. After the ceremony, Kathy and Rob had to take a pit stop for some Tony’s Hotdogs, then it was off to the Venetian for amazing food, deserts, and dancing. This wedding was a blast and I am glad I was lucky enough to meet great people like Kathy and Rob. Enjoy the pics!

Venetian_Wedding_0001Venetian_Wedding_0002Venetian_Wedding_0003Venetian_Wedding_0004Venetian_Wedding_0005Venetian_Wedding_0006Venetian_Wedding_0007Venetian_Wedding_0008Venetian_Wedding_0009Venetian_Wedding_0010Venetian_Wedding_0011Venetian_Wedding_0012Venetian_Wedding_0013Venetian_Wedding_0014Venetian_Wedding_0015Venetian_Wedding_0016Venetian_Wedding_0017St Lucys Church Newark NJVenetian_Wedding_0019Venetian_Wedding_0020Venetian_Wedding_0021Venetian_Wedding_0022St Lucys NewarkVenetian_Wedding_0024Venetian_Wedding_0025Venetian_Wedding_0026Venetian_Wedding_0027Venetian_Wedding_0028Bride and groom in Newark hotdogsVenetian_Wedding_0030Venetian_Wedding_0031Venetian_Wedding_0032Venetian_Wedding_0033Venetian_Wedding_0034The Venetian first danceVenetian_Wedding_0036Venetian_Wedding_0037Venetian_Wedding_0038Venetian_Wedding_0039Venetian_Wedding_0040Venetian_Wedding_0041Bride groom dancing The Venetian Venetian_Wedding_0043Venetian_Wedding_0044Venetian_Wedding_0045Venetian_Wedding_0046The Venetian Garfield NJVenetian_Wedding_0048Venetian_Wedding_0049Venetian_Wedding_0050Venetian_Wedding_0051Venetian_Wedding_0052Venetian_Wedding_0053Venetian_Wedding_0054Venetian_Wedding_0055Venetian_Wedding_0056Bride groom The Venetian Fountain

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