Kayla and Chris Got Engagement Photos Where No Couple Has Before. A NYC City Hall Engagement.

City Hall. New York, New York.

When Kayla and Chris wanted to shoot their engagement session in downtown NYC, I was excited because there are no shortages of amazing architecture and breathtaking views to compliment a cool couple. But what I didn’t know was that we would get photos that no couple has ever gotten, and may not ever get again. We started out walking around the financial district and got some really cool shots. Then we obviously had to head over to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, because, really who wouldn’t, especially on the beautiful night we had. Kayla and Chris also wanted to get a photo near 1 Police Plaza where Chris proposed to Kayla. But then things got awesome when we were granted access to the exterior and interior of City Hall, right in the middle of downtown. It is an amazingly beautiful place inside with large columns, a twisting curling staircase, and more marble than you can shake a stick at. The symmetry was making my mind melt a little. To my knowledge, I don’t believe any couple has ever gotten engagement photos inside of City Hall, so it was pretty cool. So take a look and let me know way you think.
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