KC and Chris’s Glen Island Harbor Club Wedding Held On To The Last Bit of Autumn.

Glen Island Harbor Club Wedding. New Rochelle, NY.

Usually after Thanksgiving rolls around, there’s not much autumn to be found. But because of the crazy weather we had this year, fall wasn’t totally gone for KC and Chris’s wedding at the Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle, NY. We got a really nice temperature that was mild and we found some leaves that hadn’t fallen yet, so we got some great portrait opportunities. But first, KC and Chris had to get married. A small ceremony was held the night before at the church where KC’s parents were married, which was such a special moment. We even recreated one of the images that KC’s parents had in their wedding album. We had an early start the next day to get ready for the day’s events. KC and Chris arrived at the club, got ready and it was off for their first look on the bay. After some killer bridal party photos, we took KC and Chris and got some awesome portraits around the club and the old castle structure on the other side of the road. I could have spent all day there, but we had to get them back for ceremony #2 in front of all their family and friends. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with heavy drinking. Just kidding, only the bride and groom got to drink, but it was part of the ceremony. After they tied the knot, KC and Chris welcomed everybody into the ballroom where they partied to the break of 5pm. Even though it was an early wedding, the energy was super high and everyone had a great time. Congrats KC and Chris!

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