Kelly and Charlie’s Ocean City Yacht Club Wedding On A Boat To Nowhere.

Ocean City Yacht Club Wedding. Ocean City, NJ.

What’s better than a nice sunny summer day for a wedding on the beach? A nice sunny fall day. Not too hot, still plenty of sun. A perfect mix. And Kelly and Charlie got the perfect day for their wedding. They both got ready two houses from each other where Charlie’s family has a house. Then they were off to maybe one of the shortest was to the church ever. Maybe 100 feet max. It doesn’t get much better than that. The ceremony went beautifully and Kelly and Charlie were happily wed. We then hit the beach for some portraits along with some bridal party shots. The sun was extremely bright, but with a little magic we got some really awesome images. They even got to hop in a boat that was on the sand for a few shots, right before the town took it away. And the good timing continued into the evening as we got to the yacht club just in time for an insane sunset where we took full advantage of the dock. But he party had just started and after speeches and first dances, Kelly and Charlie’s guests wasted no time getting down on the dance floor. They certainly showed the happy couple they were having a good time. And you could see Kelly and Charlie beaming as their family and friends surrounded them on their big day. Enjoy the photos!

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