Krista and Matt’s Bella Voir Manor Wedding.

Bella Voir Manor Wedding. Bensalem, PA.

One of my longer trips for a wedding this year, but it was totally worth it. Rain moved in and out of the area all day, but it couldn’t shake Krista. I started out the day with her and her bridesmaids at Matt’s parent’s house and she couldn’t have been calmer. Probably because she knew she was marrying her best friend. After Krista got ready and into her dress, we headed over to the church, where Krista could barely hold in the tears. The ceremony was short and sweet, but very touching. We all then traveled to the Bella Voir Manor and of course it started sprinkling. We got the wedding parties done and the rain gave us the opportunity to do something cool with a backlight and the fountain out front. After the portraits, Krista and Matt enjoyed time with their friends and family at cocktail hour before the whole crew went into the ball room to party. The staff at the Bella Voir did an incredible job facilitating an amazing night, from the delicious dinner, to the amazing deserts and smores fire pit. It truly was an awesome night. Congratulation Krista and Matt and enjoy the photos!


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